Precinct #1:  Danny Reed, Treasurer
   Mike Pennington, President
Precinct #2:  John Burgess
   Todd Malone, Vice President
Precinct #3:  Jody Harris
   Denzel Harrison
Precinct #4:  Ray Davis
   Rodger McLane
At Large:  Charles Worley



General Manager:  Teresa Griffin                                                                      

Office Manager:  Ashley Whitaker

Field Technician/Inspector:  David Waldrop


Election Information

The PCGCD Board of Directors consists of nine members.

These nine Directors are elected by the voters of Panola County and serve a four-year term.

The district observes the same four precincts as the Panola County Commissioners Court with one at-large position.

Elections are held in November of even numbered years and a director may serve consecutive terms.


Panola GCD

419 W. Sabine

Carthage, TX 75633

Phone: 903-690-0143

Fax :903-690-0135

Email:, Panola County Texas Elections, Office, find locations and dates of elections here. ,Secretary of State Elections Division, find requirements and deadlines for filing for candidacy.,  Application for a Place on the General Election Ballot, here or the PCGCD District Office, Important Election Dates, Secretary of State

Next election of Officers: November 1, 2022

District Order of Election including Voting Dates & Election 2022 (not yet available)

District Notice Deadline for Filing Application for Place on the Ballot (not yet available)

Deadline for Filing Candidacy of each elected office (not yet available)

Requirements: To be qualified to be elected as a director, a person must be a registered voter in the precinct that person represents, be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, a resident of the State of Texas for 12 months, and a resident of the district for 6 months prior to the regular candidate filing deadline (78 days before election day), not totally or partially mentally incapacitated, and not a convicted felon, unless pardoned or otherwise release from the resulting disabilities.

Director Expiring Terms 2022 Election:

Director Precinct #1 Mike Pennington

Director Precinct #2 Todd Malone

Director Precinct #3 Denzel Harrison

Director Precinct #4 Ray Davis

Director At-Large, Bud Worley