The Panola County Groundwater Conservation District office has recently received a number of inquiries pertaining to the transfer of water wells from an oil and gas company to a land owner.  The District would like to take this opportunity to explain the procedures for doing so.

The individual or company who offers to transfer a water well must first remove the pump from the well casing.  The District must be notified in writing that the land owner desires to take ownership of the well and a Transfer of Registered Well Request Form must be included with the notification.  After the form is received and processed, the District will inspect the well with a down-hole camera for structural damage to the casing or screen and any indications of commingling of aquifers or zones.  An inspection fee of $200.00 will be required at that time.  If the well does not pass inspection, the District will not approve the transfer and will require that the water well be plugged at that time.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that liability for the water well goes to the appropriate entity or individual.  It is the intention of the District to help ensure that all water wells transferred are in good condition before the land owner takes responsibility for the water well.  The District also wants to make certain that the company releasing the water well can reduce its responsibilities by remedying any known or visible well deficiencies prior to the transfer of ownership of said well.  The goal of the District is the protection of all parties involved in the transaction as well as the quality of existing groundwater.  The District does not warrant that the down-hole camera or visual inspection will reveal all well flaws or inadequacies such as improper cementing or gravel pack deficiencies.

Any questions concerning groundwater should be directed to the District office:

Panola County Groundwater Conservation District
419 W. Sabine
Carthage, TX 75633.

tel #: 903-690-0143.

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